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Technical data

Surface treatments, colour variations

bevelled edges / Each floorboard is formed by longitudinal and transverse R2 radius that optically eliminates the movement of the floor.

sanded surface / Soft sanding provides a perfectly smooth surface across the whole board.

brushed surface / Brushing of the surface removes soft layers of wood and helps to highlight the wood structure.

rustic look / A unique method helps to create an ancient and rustic wooden floor.

staining and colours / A wide range of coloured floors is enlarged by a possibility to choose own colour design on demand.

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Floor Styles

Every Floor Style represents different natural features:

Antic Style / Ancient hand-made floor emphasizes mainly annual rings, knots, gnarls and greater colour diversity in order to achieve a rustic look.

Standard Style / Natural hand-made floor is characterized by attractive natural features like wood pattern with graining and sparsely scattered sound knots.

Select Style / The carefully selected natural wooden floor with minimum of knots and splits is suitable especially for modern interiors.


Antic Style

Standard Style

Select Style