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News about Atawa floors:

Wideplank flooring Atawa

Atawa solid wood floor is a unique original due to its hand-made production and high emphasis equally on quality, wood structure and colour on one side and the manner of wood processing, finishing and coating on the other. With sense for every single detail together with the concord of each customer’s wish, it helps to create an exceptional and personal interior of every home.

high quality wood / Large format solid planks are mainly hand-made of oak, also of ash, larch, maple, walnut and other European or tropical wood species made upon request.

original design / Attractive wide range of colours from natural style to art design (more than 50 floors).

handmade / The traditional manual way of coating guarantees that any kind of surface is well treated with natural oil, flooring wax or lacquer. The finishing coat is placed on each floor board separately and is applied in two layers at least.

simple, quick and less costly floor fitting / As all surface finishings are part of the manufacturing process, the solid floor is ready to be installed into an interior straight away, without any oil stains, dust or other uncleanliness caused by extra finishing work.

decades lasting floor is water resistant so it can be also used in bathrooms, restrooms and as a interior panelling on a wall. Furthermore, the hardwood flooring minimizes the impact noise.

Styles and colour variations

Select Style / The carefully selected natural wooden floor with minimum of knots and splits is suitable especially for modern interiors.

Standard Style / Natural hand-made floor is characterized by attractive natural features like wood pattern with graining and sparsely scattered sound knots.

Antic Style / Ancient hand-made floor emphasizes mainly annual rings, knots, gnarls and greater colour diversity in order to achieve a rustic look.


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